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We have solved rising damp issue at over 5500 properties. Now we are ready to solve yours.

OsmoDry® eliminates moisture and mould. It doesn’t require any invasive interior construction and is around 60% cheaper than standard rising damp solutions.

OsmoDry® is the most advanced method of eradicating rising damp

    OsmoDry® uses its dehumidification technology for non-invasive and electrode-free masonry drying
    There is no need to drill holes into your masonry or do anything as complicated as undercutting walls
    The OsmoDry® system is usable with all types of masonry and is suitable for family homes, dwelling buildings, cottages, schools, churches, etc.
    The physical process undertaken by Osmo technology is harmless to human health

The main benefits of Osmo technology

It’s about 60% cheaper than standard rising damp solutions

When compared with standard rising damp solutions, OsmoDry® is about 60 % cheaper on average.

Active Osmo technology

OsmoDry® uses active Electro-Osmosis technology. This is an ecological solution to rising damp which requires NO chemical and NO building work.

100% money back guarantee*

We guarantee that our solution will reduce moisture in your wall / walls by at least 20%. If we haven't reduced the moisture in your wall / walls after 12 months, we will give you your money back.

Free Damp Survey

We offer a free of charge, no strings attached survey of your buildings’ masonry which assesses the suitability of OsmoDry® technology for it.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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Controlled measurement to show the decrease of damp

On average, we have reduced the humidity in the buildings by 59 %.

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Rising Stars, Deloitte CE Technology Fast 50
Václav Kolman



Our Victorian property had a damp and smelly cellar with mould growing on the walls. We had 1st Class EcoDry install the OsmoDry system and within days the humidity began to reduce.
My experience has been very positive - the technician was great and the Company communicated fully throughout the process. Plus, we now don't have a mould problem!

Dan's home was dehumidified by 67%


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