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Price of the OsmoDry® device

Trust in us with our 100% money back guarantee. *

    We are a company which has developed its own produce and have subjected it to detailed testing on several real estates multiple times per year.
    We have no hidden charges.
    We provide a continual free service of installed devices.

OsmoDry®’s services include:

Professional moisture consultation
Moisture measurement and re-measurement availing of a GANN hygrometer using the carbide method
Installation of the device in a convenient place by our specialist
Persistent and effective dehumidification with the OsmoDry® device
Moisture re-measurement using a GANN hygrometer using a carbide method
Free lifetime repair or replacement of the OsmoDry® device in case of malfunction

The final price will be calculated by our technician according to the size of the property and its humidity level.
For a calculation please call our freeline at: 0800 228 9720.

In 98% of cases we have successfully dehumidified a property, in the remaining 2% we returned the money within 24 hours following its re-measurement.

Jiří Lukáš: “At first there was some uncertainty as to whether the device would be suitable for my home. Unfortunately, after the controlled measurements, it turned out to be unsuitable. The company behaved seriously, I received the money immediately and communicated with them without any problem.”


The physical process of Osmo technology is harmless to human health.


No interior construction is needed. When we install the device and the dehumidification process starts immediately.


Saves time, heating, and financial costs when compared to other devices.

We have dehumidified

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