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Dan, Northampton

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Description of the problem - Our Victorian property had a damp and smelly cellar with mold growing on the walls. We had 1st Class EcoDry install the OsmoDry system and within days the humidity began to reduce.

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Solution - My experience is very positive - the technician was great and the Company communicated fully throughout the process. Plus we now don't have a mold problem!

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Dan's home was dehumidified by 67%.

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Description of the problem - We live in a basement flat which is part of a terraced property. We were trying to find a solution to our damp problem that didn't damage the brickwork.

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Solution - After our consultation we decided to fit two Osmodry devices. We noticed a difference within two weeks and after six months there was a significant reduction in humidity. A great ecological solution, thanks!

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Mike's basement flat was dehumidified by 55%

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